MySite - Part 2 - Theming Support

13. November 2008 14:55

Okay, I lied.  I really wanted to figure out how to get theming to work the way I wanted. As you can see to the right, I created a "Theme" folder, where I have a "Default" and in this case a "Red" theme.  Under the theme's folder, I moved the Content, and Views folders.  My goal was to allow for a fallback to using a View from the Default theme, but still allow for the appropriate masterpage to be applied from the theme's folder if one existed.  In this case, you can see that there is an Index view for the Home controller within the Default theme, but there is no matching view in the Red theme. More...

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MySite - Part 1

11. November 2008 22:14

My goal is to create a personal website application that implements the features needed, and wanted for someone who wants to create a personal site that extends beyond just a blogging engine.  I've been wanting to work with ASP.Net MVC and some other technologies, so I'll be focusing on using them in MySite. More...

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Michael J. Ryan aka Tracker1

My name is Michael J. Ryan and I've been developing web based applications since the mid 90's.

I am an advanced Web UX developer with a near expert knowledge of JavaScript.