JavaScript Books That Should Be Required Reading

15. September 2010 10:38

I often get asked what books I recommend for developers looking to get more into JavaScript. Often they're looking for something specific to a given framework, most often jQuery. Although there are some great jQuery and a couple of jQueryUI books as well, I'd recommend the following books first and formost for those with some knowledge of JavaScript, but wanting to get a better grasp.

The first half of this year I read through eight recently published books centered around JavaScript and these are the one's I would recommend.

Book Cover--JavaScript: The Good Parts
JavaScript: The Good Parts is one of two JavaScript books that I feel should be required reading for all web developers. Even if you've jumped into JS and don't care to start with entry level re-hashes, this is a great read. I don't agree 100% with Douglas Crockford's views. However, this is a great read that will give some insightful concepts and ideas. Also worth looking at is Crockford's video series on YUI Blog.

Book Cover--Even Faster Web Sites
Even Faster Web Sites: Performance Best Practices for Web Developers is the other book I feel should be required reading for all web developers, and even designers. It covers a lot of great examples of how JavaScript and other elemental decisions in the design and markup of a site impact performance. There isn't as much specific to JS as High Performance JavaScript (Build Faster Web Application Interfaces), which is another good read. There's about a 50% overlap between the two books, and I feel that the former is a much more important read and reading both will get very redundant, very quickly. More...

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