The Data Hive

11. November 2008 00:19

I've had some ideas bouncing around in the back of my head for a few days now.  One is that when using an application, specifically a large-scale web application, having a traditional RDBMS backend is a point of limitation in terms of scale.  RDBMS systems are really good for being able to aggregate data, and create reporting interfaces, but it isn't so great from being able to use structured object data on the front end.  Now I'm talking about going beyond ORM mappers, and even beyond an Object Database here.  What I see coming in the future is a Data Hive. More...

The Data Czar

6. November 2008 00:04

Far too often in large organizations there is a disconnect between different DBAs, IT staff and application developers.  I think what would be a good thing to see in increasing use would be a small handful of people that understand the mapping of various database schemas for applications within a large organization, and provide a common database interface. More...


Michael J. Ryan aka Tracker1

My name is Michael J. Ryan and I've been developing web based applications since the mid 90's.

I am an advanced Web UX developer with a near expert knowledge of JavaScript.