Managed JScript (Bastard, red-headed step-child in the DLR)

13. May 2009 02:34

Okay, I love Javascript.  It is hands down my favorite language (C# is a near second).  In fact, it was the first language I ever learned, even before having a good handle on html markup in the mid-90s.  I used it server-side with Livewire on Netscape server.  I transitioned to (now Cassic) ASP, and picked up vbscript (COM enumerations via JScript were so evil).  When .Net first came out, i hacked my way through using the JScript .net command-line compiler, and early ASP.Net (ASP+), after translating a litteral ton of code from VB.Net and C# samples, I caved and learned C#.  Allong the way, I picked up on several SQL Dialects, VB6, some perl and others; but I always get back to Javascript. More...


Michael J. Ryan aka Tracker1

My name is Michael J. Ryan and I've been developing web based applications since the mid 90's.

I am an advanced Web UX developer with a near expert knowledge of JavaScript.