Stubbing out the console object so Firebug statements can be left in place

22. July 2009 10:52

Okay, so you love the Firebug Console, and related output to the console tab within Firebug.  Don't we all, however there is a minor problem in leaving in all your log, and debug (etc) statements, and that is the fact that the console object doesn't exist in other browsers, or Firefox without Firebug.  You will want to put the script segments below into a file that is called before other scripts on your page. More...

Handling Scripts in ASP.Net MVC

29. June 2009 15:39

Okay, so you have a bunch of script references, some added via your master template, others in your views.  You'd also like to be able to handle script adds in your partial views.  The problem is, you don't want your views, and partial views to know about the implementation details.  What I am going to do, is outline my solution for adding needed scripts into a given view/output without having duplicate script tags, and allowing each master, view, and partial to call for all the scripts it will need. More...

Trim Strings In JavaScript

27. August 2008 12:33

Okay, so you want to trim a string in JavaScript/JScript/EcmaScript, but you find that the functionality just isn't built in.  Here's a quick little snippet that will add said functionality pretty easily. More...

Embedding the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime)

7. July 2008 12:03

Okay, so it isn't so much embedding as it is hosting.  A lot of attention is going out to the use of the DLR for the upcoming Silverlight 2 release, which is great.  However, what gets lost is the simple ability to use the DLR as a scripting environment for your own projects.  More...


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