Single-window state machine.

1. April 2010 15:19

I'm currently working on a project where one of the applications has a subform, or child form that has interactions that are separate from the main page within the application. The main page is essentially a filter form, with a results grid. Each item in the grid displays a child form, when the child form is completed, the original screen is displayed again.

Sounds simple enough right? Well, the business desire is to have the filter option form keep its' settings when returning to the page. My initial solution was to use a jQueryUI dialog based option (via an IFrame). Which works great, except in certain conditions IE7 flickers when the mouse moves in/out of the IFrame itself if there are scroll bars present. ugh.

I didn't want to use cookies, or server-side session state as these will affect all windows using the main form. If a user launches the app in a new window, with different filters set, I didn't want these windows to effect each other. Then it occurred to me, I could use to store the state of the form when entering, and leaving the page. I tend to store an "__original_value__" for each form element when a page loads, that way its' easy enough to return to default values later on via code.  More...

Trim Strings In JavaScript

27. August 2008 12:33

Okay, so you want to trim a string in JavaScript/JScript/EcmaScript, but you find that the functionality just isn't built in.  Here's a quick little snippet that will add said functionality pretty easily. More...


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