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24. March 2008 00:47

Okay, this is mainly out of a discussion on ##javascript on ...  I was asked specifically if I code in PHP... my response was "I can, but don't really like it."  This was followed with a question as to what I use... my response was ASP.Net w/ C# mostly...  The overall response in the channel was rather negative.  I don't think people realize how nice ASP.Net is to work with, or that it can be deployed for *free* (as in open-source) thanks to the Mono Project and mod_mono.

I recently setup a couple small applications under Ubuntu GeOS, and it worked out rather well... performance was good, and memory use wasn't *too* bad, though higher use would require more memory though.   I guess this is just a rant overall.  I love .Net, but I do understand why some people gather around open-source, and don't care for the politics out of Redmond, but to dismiss a framework out of hand just irks me.


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