Embedding the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime)

7. July 2008 12:03

Okay, so it isn't so much embedding as it is hosting.  A lot of attention is going out to the use of the DLR for the upcoming Silverlight 2 release, which is great.  However, what gets lost is the simple ability to use the DLR as a scripting environment for your own projects.  You can define an object model for use as at runtime, and even inject it into scripts that are set to be run.

What this comes down to, is a much easier method of adding scriptability to your own applications that anything that has come before it, at least imho.  There are quite a few projects which use everything from spidermonkey, to the MS Scripting Engine (old, activex).  What is exciting here is now you can create an environment for running scripts written in any number of languages.  A generic service engine can now provide event, service and transaction layers without the need for recompilation in order to supply simple changes or fixes.

For some further reading check out the DLR Hosting Spec. There's a lot there, but it's a really good read.

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