Managed JScript (Bastard, red-headed step-child in the DLR)

13. May 2009 02:34

Okay, I love Javascript.  It is hands down my favorite language (C# is a near second).  In fact, it was the first language I ever learned, even before having a good handle on html markup in the mid-90s.  I used it server-side with Livewire on Netscape server.  I transitioned to (now Cassic) ASP, and picked up vbscript (COM enumerations via JScript were so evil).  When .Net first came out, i hacked my way through using the JScript .net command-line compiler, and early ASP.Net (ASP+), after translating a litteral ton of code from VB.Net and C# samples, I caved and learned C#.  Allong the way, I picked up on several SQL Dialects, VB6, some perl and others; but I always get back to Javascript.

I've really enjoyed the resurgence of Javascript in the browser settling on prototype.js for a number of  years, and more recently finding some love for jQuery (though I miss some language extensions prototype has).  The DOM in today's browsers is leaps and bounds above the bad old v4 days even without convenience libraries.  Still, Javascript is still delegated to mostly in-browser chores.  There are several nice server-side frameworks, and even scripting engines for outside the browser, but alas, no mass love.

 I started hearing about the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) work being done in Microsoft almost two years ago now.  With IronPython and IronRuby being the showcase members.  VBX (a VB interpreter) for the DLR being considered to be a much needed reprieve from the COM drenched VBA/VBScript.  Oh, Javascript is in there too aka Managed JScript.  Demos and code samples flourished for everything BUT Managed JScript at PDC and Mix

 Why, I ask, is it that Javascript is so unloved by Microsoft, and even the developer community at large?  Every effort is made to abstract all consciousness of Javascript from development where it is used, and elsewhere, a distant afterthought.  Why are IronPython and IronRuby deemed worthy of FLOSS, and Managed JScript is the bastard, red-headed step-child?  I have a proposal, that MS collectively grows a pair and renames "Managed JScript" to "IronScript" and release it like it's "Iron" brethren.  Releasing the source would bring a lot of support for the outside world, and getting rid of the "J" could just be a F-U to the "Java" references and confusion altogether.

 I'm a Developer, I build Web Applications, and have for well over a decade now,  and I love Javascript.  I find the DLR compelling, and really want to see the Javascript implementation treated like a first class citizen.  Give me code, samples and howtos.  I'm going down this path anyhow, and would rather not do it alone.

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