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22. June 2009 19:40

Okay, I've updated the site to 1.5.  Beyond this i've gone through all the old posts adding a MORE tag, so that there's a tear from the main listing to the full post  From now on, only the newest post will be listed without the tear.  I've also updated all the older code samples to use a nice little script called SyntaxHighlighter (Okay, maybe not "little," but so worth it), far better than the tag  soup that was in there before, and degrades nicely for those with Javascript disabled (WHY?!?).

I've set the site to the *stock* theme for now, i'll try to get this modded soom.  Also, I'll be posting some updates to MySite soon, some more fun with ASP.Net MVC, Javascript goodies, and a special surprise are all in the works.


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