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30. May 2010 14:41

Don't spammers ever "get" it? I mean, I have comments set to moderation, and disabling comments after two weeks, but still seem to get half a dozen or so for each new post, and my blog isn't even all that popular. I can't imagine what other blogs go through. It's really disheartening to be completely honest. Sometimes there are acts that just make me question society as a whole, and the proliferation of spam into every aspect of social online culture is one of them. This includes online chat, web boards, newsgroups and email itself.

I honestly feel that society is better off without this garbage, but I'll be damned if I feel any legal/government originated solution would ever work. This is simply a rant, and not suggesting anybody actually take action, but sometimes I really feel like the whole "Dead or Alive" type of warrants from the old west may not have been such a bad idea regards to spammers.

To be honest, working on anti-spam technology is actually a pretty big passion of mine. As someone probably more irritated by spam than most, but also running a hobby site, whose new members get email confirmations that are often caught in the spam traps on email providers. I really just wish there were at least *some* better solution out there. I think having reverse and forward DNS of the mail server match is a good start. A strict SPF record along with this would help. Followed by use of block lists. If all three of these techniques were used together as checks by everyone, I think the sheer amount of delivered spam would be reduced to near zero, with much less negative impact. Oh yeah, it would also require mail operators to act responsibly regarding their clients, and actually have some real form of contact for other mail providers/operators.

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