Enough ith the quizzes already.

23. June 2010 20:52

You know, from the hiring perspective, I "get" that there are probably 10+ bad developers for every good one.  I also "get" that you have to do some screening.  Just the same, I get really anoyed when I have ro take my third test from a recruiter or consulting company on the same site, and have to create yet another freaking login on that site (previsor), or the couple dozen sites the likes of monster redirect you to in order to once again create a login, where you can't get the same username you've used for 15 years because it's tied to an email address you no longer use and haven't for a decade.  Would it *really* be that hard to share some of this basic information.  Not to mention the trivia quizzes riddled with questions on obscure corner cases you rarely use... I mean, I know enough of them to usually do okay, but after a while you really become a bit anoyed.  Not to mentin kiling 2+ hours of your personal time on the code challenges "from scratch".  I just killed 4+ hours last night, lost track of time, after going through one last week where I ddn't ask or think enough then cutting corners to have something working in time, I went too far over the top writing boiler plate code in PHP of all things, where the undisclosed rate is probably lower than I can afford to take.

I really wish there were a better way... Here's hoping one presents itself.  In the past three weeks I've spent more time taking quizzes and talking to recruiters than the people doing the hiring, and coming from a group that recently went through hiring, I know there are still stacks of resumes.  I wish this rant were fomulated a bit bettered, but it was my last day on a contract today, I've done yet another quiz and have yet another coding challenge tomorrow afternoon.


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