Convert an integer to a base26 alpha string

24. February 2011 15:18

In case you ever need to convert an integer to an alpha (such as the top of a spreadsheet). A-Z, AA-AZ etc.

function intToAlpha26String(input) {
    input = (+input).toString(26);
    var ret = [];
    while (input.length) {
        var a = input.charCodeAt(input.length-1);
        if (input.length > 1)
            input = (parseInt(input.substr(0, input.length - 1), 26) - 1).toString(26);
            input = "";

        if (a >= 48/*'0'*/ && a <= 57 /*'9'*/)
            ret.unshift(String.fromCharCode(a + 49)); //raise to += 'a'
            ret.unshift(String.fromCharCode(a + 10)); //raise + 10 (make room for 0-9)
    return ret.join('').toUpperCase();
Hope this helps, let me know if you need the reverse, may just work that one out. Nice that JS supports some fairly broad base classifications that other languages don't. This actually translates fairly nicely into actionscript.
CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[IntToBase26Alpha]
	@input AS int
RETURNS varchar(MAX)
	DECLARE @ret AS varchar(MAX)	
	DECLARE @process AS int
	DECLARE @current AS int
	SET @ret = ''
	SET @process = CASE WHEN (@input is null or @input < 1) THEN 0 ELSE @input END
	SET @debug = ''
	WHILE (@process >= 0)

		SET @current = @process % 26
		SET @process = ROUND(@process / 26, 0) - 1
		SET @ret = CHAR(@current + 65) + @ret

	Return @ret

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