Generic Literals in VB.Net 2010

31. March 2011 12:57

Okay, something very cool in VB.Net as of VS2010 is that you can use literals for assignments to generic collections...

'List from Literal
Dim myList As New List(Of Integer)() From {1,2,3,4,5}

'Dictionary from Literal
Dim myDic As New Dictionary(Of String, Integer)() From {
    {"key1", 1},
    {"key2", 2}

Then when trying to load with Tuple's as the value, I ran into a snag, since it didn't understand the conversion of the tuple literal values. I found that by creating the needed extension methods into this module that I could do what I wanted to accomplish.

Dim myQueue= New Queue(Of Tuple(Of Integer, Integer)) From {
    {19, 63},
    {20, 63}

As you can see, it really isn't so difficult to use, but can be really useful when using paired values in a given collection. Generic classes such as Tuple, and Generic collections can help a lot in data iteration.

TupleExtensionsForGenericCollectionsModule.vb.txt (4.45 kb)


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